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Welcome to Adelante on Wheels

Adelante on Wheels is an Association for paracycling, also called adapted cycling. The sport has four disciplines: tandem riding, tricycling, cycling and handbiking. Adelante on Wheels wants parasporters with  a great diversity of physical limitations, both top athletes as recreational riders, to continue to challenge themselves and guide them in finding and pushing their own physical and mental limits. Our motto is ' bring out the best in yourself '. 
Enjoying sports is very important, as well as meeting others with disabilities and promoting an active lifestyle to improve health. The association was founded on January 1, 2017 and is still evolving.

Farewell Paul Grandjean

afscheid multiHello members of Adelante on Wheels.

After 8 years my work as a sports doctor for Adelante comes to an end, and I say goodbye on Thursday 4 June. I thought it was a very special time, where I was hand biking with moments 7 days a week. Fed by the positive energy I got from you as handbikers and colleagues around me, in particular (physio) Paul and Bas, I wanted to build handbiking together and later paracycling as rehabilitation, sport and top sport with fun and togetherness as base. The many intensive contacts and friendships that arose especially around every Handbike Battle edition are very fond memories that have positively changed my life, and that of Karin. Founding the association was a difficult process for me, but in the end it worked. Letting go was difficult but necessary, both around the association and at the last Handbike Battle edition. A clear and sustainable cooperation has developed between the association and Adelante, and all of you have given the association an interpretation that suits you. I want to thank you for an unforgettable time and wish you the very best!

Paul - If a mountain seems too high you may dream too small -


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The Corona-virus

corona afbDear members.

The Corona virus is still trying to control the Netherlands.
The measures of the RIVM, which have been taken in recent months to contain further spread of the virus,
are starting to show their effect.
The measures have now been adjusted in various areas.
This also applies to the measures that the KNWU had set out.
We can train again, with the necessary measures and especially our common sense.
The most important measure remains that 1.5 meters apart.
Are we members of "Adelante on Wheels" up to this challenge? 
We want to start on the Tom Dumoulin track from Monday 8 June.
For the time being, 3 consecutive Mondays are scheduled from 17:00 to 20:00. They are now in the team app.
Register in advance, reservations must be made to drive on the track.
At the end of June we will again put the tours on the map, just like last year.
From the home of one of you a route of about 25 km in which you share the most beautiful places in your area with us.

Board Adelante on Wheels

June 2, 2020

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