Training sessions

Members of Adelante on Wheels train every other week on WednesdayHBB-training-13-452x340. In winter we train indoors on a Tacx at Adelante. In spring and summer months, if weather is permitting, we train outdoors in the beautiful hills of Southern Limburg. In addition there is a possibility for weight training at the gym of Adelante.

In order to work out a few things are important:
• You have your own bike. For handcyclist this means a fixed frame handbike.
• You have the ability to function independently, allowing you to ride safe and responsible on public roads.
• If you are a handcyclist, a buddy (someone who is cycling with you), at the outdoor training is desirable.

Day Date Time Location Details Activity
monday dec till jun 16.30 Fitness room   Weight training
wednesday  nov till mar  17.00 Fitness room  1x in 2 weeks/
 put out 16.45 
Indoor training on Tacx
apr till okt 17.00  Heuvelland   1x in 2 weeks Outdoor training
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