Posbank training by Annie van Lierop

Saturday, April 7: we are ready early for the trip to Landgoed Avegoor in Ellecom. There is a serious training on the hills of the Posbank on the program for the participants of the HandbikeBattle and their buddies. Fortunately everything is already in the bus and we can leave with a good sense. It is beautiful weather and after about 1.5 hours we meet all other participants at the coffee with snacks in the hotel.


We are warmly welcomed and receive a short explanation about MoveForward / Hollister, who organize the Battle. Nice to see that their ambassador Jetze Plat started at a young age on an adapted tricycle as a handbike. 

Oops, now the just-judged bike from Martijn appears to show defects. Something is wrong with the cable. All others are quickly out of sight. With the help of doctor Paul he can still get on the road again. It is quite an experience. Heavy but alright. The route is very beautiful with sometimes steep slopes.

Soon we are warm and thirsty. After a few rounds we have to go back for a sanitary stop. That is also a learning moment. Soon, the others also come back to the hotel. And while enjoying a drink, we can rest and catch up in the sun, before we return back home.


Writen by: Annie van Lierop

Watch also the impession movie below.

AoW           Posbank3         Posbank

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