Transfer Stick Battleteam 2020

Team Captain 2020 PaulOn Wednesday, January 22, the baton was handed over to the new team.
After the training we all met in the Adelante garden room.
The presentation was given by Paul Dobbelsteijn, after which Paul Rademakers took over.
Paul Dobbelsteijn took care of the beautiful photos on the projector of the last Battle.
Paul Rademakers talked about the week in Austria and the way there.
About how special this week is, that it is an experience that you will never forget and that most people who cycle there try to leave behind a difficult period of their lives.

For many, it turns out to be the start of their "new" life when they have crossed the finish line.


Team captain 2020 Paul



First, the old team came forward, telling about their best experiences in Austria and during training. They have also received some tips such as: rub in well, enjoy the view around you and the atmosphere!
Then the individual participants were also asked if they had any tips, they said that you should mainly enjoy and pay attention to safety. Look back at difficult moments and see what you have already left behind and how much you have already climbed

Battleteam 2019 kopie                                    Battleteam 2020      
     Team 2019                                                                                            Team 2020

Alex hands over the baton to Roy when the new team was presented.

All new faces that do not yet know what to expect.
because you do hear stories about that week but you must have been there once to really feel that atmosphere.
Each team member explained one by one why they want to participate in the Battle, each had his own impressive story.
And finally the baton was transferred from Alex from the old team to Roy from the new team.
Afterwards, everyone lingered for a while and everyone was able to chat a little more.7

 Alex draagt het stokje over aan Roy

  Andrea Breuer wrote the report for this evening.


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