Adelante on wheelsDear Members,

From today it is possible that we can start training indoors based on the rules below.
Therefore: make sure you observe the rules and, if it turns out that your health does not allow it (cold, sniffling, etc.) you are wise to stay at home.

Our association is doing everything it can to maintain this possibility and that is only possible if each of us abides by the rules.
In any case, we can start and for those who have trained outside until recently, this connects seamlessly.
Good luck and train with the rules in mind all the time

On behalf of the board of Adelante on Wheels
Jeroen van der Eerden

The sports halls and practice rooms of Adelante

This applies to all target groups that use our sports accommodation
in accordance with (previously) established policy that:

1 maximum number of persons per room is 30 persons (excl. practitioners). In different space the number of people has been reduced
   based on the 1.5 meters distance.
2 The 1.5 meter distance rule applies. As a result, sports where this cannot be guaranteed are explicitly NOT allowed:
- No team sports
- No contact sports
- No doubles tennis and badminton

 3 Showers must not be used
 4 Changing rooms should not be used
 5 The lockers may not be used
In accordance with general Adelante policy, it applies to all target groups that:

1 health check takes place upon entry
2 strict obligation to mask masks applies in public spaces
3 the instructions of the supervisors and employees must be strictly followed

Roermond 24-10-2020

From: Jeroen van der Eerden, chairman Adelante on Wheels




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